Belovo is a Belgian company specilised in health by a double approach that combines nutrition and dietary supplements. Belovo's objective is to tackle major public health problems, by formulating natural and scientifically validated solutions within the frame of sustainable and sociatal developments.

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Belovo has developed the Columbus Concept: flavorful staple food that are perfectly equilibrated in fatty acids, to accommodate pleasure and health.
The Columbus products range is currently composed of eggs, porks and cured meat, that are available in most of Belgian supermarkets.
The ability of Columbus products to improve your health has been demonstrated by four clinical studies.

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Belovo develops innovative dietary supplements, to tackle major public health problems such as cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. These products are available in most Belgian pharmacies.
Belovo has formulated Soluchol, a dietary supplement with a unique composition that reduces your blood cholesterol level in 3 weeks. Products against diabetes and obesity are currently in development phase.